Levy County was formed March 10, 1845, and became Florida's 27th county.  One week earlier on March 3, 1845, Florida joined the Union as the 27th state.  The county was named in honor of David Levy Yulee, one of Florida's first two elected US Senators.  Levy County has a rich history and heritage which is intertwined with the lives of the early pioneers who made the county their home.

   The county's abundant natural resources have drawn men from around the world to make their fortunes.  The completion of the Florida's first railroad from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in 1861 provided the means for these men to share those resources with the world.

   The intent and purpose of the Levy County Historical Society is to collect, preserve, interpret, and promote Levy County's Rich history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

 Levy County Historical Society .

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